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Not yet, sorry. 🙁 We definitely will in the future, we just don’t know exactly when.

This is one we got a lot, and it’s a very fair question. And the answer is that it’s different for a plethora of reasons:

  • Firstly, the purpose: Instagram polls is usually a place where you ask more lighthearted questions. WhichOne will be entirely about asking questions regarding your major or everyday life decisions. You won’t come across as a narcissist; it’s the whole point of the app.
  • Your reach: Your Instagram polls reach is the extent of your followers. Your reach on WhichOne could potentially be global. You can ask only your followers or anyone but your followers. You’re in control.
  • Anonymity: You can post anonymously on WhichOne. Ask your question without the world knowing who asked. And we’ll eventually add integration features that will ensure your Instagram followers / following don’t see the post but everyone else does.
  • Demographic: This is the big one. You can target who sees your posts based on gender, location, age, and much more. You get to choose your target audience.
  • Statistics: We won’t just show you which picture got which % of the vote. We’ll also show you which was most popular amongst men vs. women, millennials vs. Gen X, Texans vs. New Yorkers, etc.
Wishbone is pretty similar to what we’re trying to accomplish, but only from a UI perspective. Wishbone is all about posting fun content and polls (Lil Wayne vs. Eminem) while WhichOne’s target audience / purpose is entirely different.
We currently have a user moderated reporting system where users can flag polls. After a certain number of flags, the post will automatically get taken down and be placed under review. We also have community moderators that diligently monitor all Polls.
Definitely. One of our goals is to ensure you start getting feedback as soon as possible. Obviously, early on, receiving feedback and votes will take time. However, in the long-term, our goal is that within just a few minutes, you’ll at least have a decent understanding of where the voting is headed.
We are not currently hiring or seeking investments. However, we likely will be very soon! If you do have prior experience in mobile design, iOS app development (Swift) or general digital marketing experience, please do contact us and we’d love to talk. Advisors and mentors are always greatly appreciated. We’re also not currently taking investments but if you’re interested, we’d still love to chat for the future.
Please see our Poll Posting Guidelines here.